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Welcome to the latest evolution in action movie reviews, where the cinematic movie experience is transformed into a wild adventure. Christy Claymore is elevating movie-watching into an immersive experience that will have you flexing your movie muscles and viewing your favorite film characters in a whole new light. We are on a mission to connect action movie fans, survival enthusiasts, and MMA warriors through education, entertainment, and inspiration.


Bid farewell to mundane movie reviews and say "hello" to action movie insights that challenge both your tactical training and physical limits. Join other interactive action movie aficionados and prepare to "Die Hard" at the gym, "Train like a Terminator," and "Fight like John Wick.” This is where film fuses with fighting, fitness, fun, and community.


Unleash your inner wild, break free from the ordinary, and transform into an extraordinary action movie viewer. This is where cinematic thrillers meet insightful, actionable content. Enjoy awesome action movie reviews, plus:

* Fighter Fitness Workouts

* Skill At Arms Examples

* Urban Survival Training

* Mindset & Tactical Strategy Tips

Your action adventure awaits.

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